Sales Compensation Management – How Much Does it Cost?

I came across an interesting article describing 3 popular web-hosted Sales Compensation Management Applications (Callidus TrueComp, Centive Compel and Xactly Incent). The article Tech Solution: Sales Compensation Management was published in

I briefly described those products earlier, but the article is adding some pricing details which I was unaware of. Being a consultant, I have always worked on on-premise implementations which are much more expensive.

Here are the price figures mentioned in the article:

Callidus TrueComp: TrueComp On-Demand starts at $50 per user per month
Centive Compel: Compel has a tiered pricing and a maximum fee of $50 per month
Xactly Incent: Incent subscription fee is $50 per user per month

As we can see, the pricing is nearly identical for each of the application. Functionality, ease of implementation, proximity and availability of consultants, etc will be the determining criteria in making the right choice.

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