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Webinar Galore – 2 SPM Webinars Tomorrow

July 28, 2008

I will try to provide coverage on this blog for these 2 webinars taking place tomorrow. The webinar hosted by Callidus features an Accenture partner discussing the insurance industry, and the Xactly webinar features Jeff Kaplan discussing on-demand sales performance analytics. Follow the links to register.

Callidus 7/29 @ 9A CST – Best Practices from Accenture – Align producer and advisor behavior, maximize mindshare – and effectively manage compensation

Learn about insurance industry best practices from Jon Walheim – Accenture Partner – North America Insurance Marketing, Sales, and Service Lead. You’ll learn about key trends in the insurance industry, challenges that organizations are facing, and what insurance leaders are doing to gain competitive advantage.

Xactly 7/29 @ noon CST – The Business Case for On-Demand Sales Performance Management Analytics

In this Webinar, Xactly’s Karen Steele and THINKStrategies’ Jeff Kaplan will discuss how post-sales analytics can provide new and strategic insight into an organization’s selling patterns, commission spend, product performance, sales rep and team performance, and sales plan effectiveness. They will examine how post-sales data – traditionally scattered across a variety of disparate systems including ERP, HR, and Payroll – can be now be integrated and analyzed with an eye towards enhancing business strategies, changing sales rep behaviors, and super-charging sales organizations.

Sales Compensation Best Practices in the Banking Industry

April 29, 2008

Last week I attended the Accenture/Callidus Webinar “Industry Banking Best Practices for Maximizing Your Customer Value and Sales Behavior“. Below is a summary of some of the information that was discussed. I will leave out Callidus Wachovia’s case study for another post and focus on Accenture’s point of view.

Kirk Coleman, senior executive at Accenture discussed how the Banking industry was facing many issues and challenges. Regardless of the current market situation, customer expectations keep rising. Those who can exceed these expectations will have an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Best Practices

  • Drive an incentive culture, not a bonus culture
  • Focus on the right employees
  • Timely delivery of rewards
  • Support capability development
  • Plan for a journey – not a “project”

Tests that banks should perform regularly to check and maintain their effectiveness:

  • Top performer’s pay relative to the market
  • Pay dispersion between top and average performers
  • Pay and performance correlation
  • Alignment of payouts with key financial/marketing objectives
  • Variability of incentive compensation year-over-year
  • Speads of quota attainment versus plan spread
  • Relevance and controllability of performance measures
  • Time spend correcting payouts

Kirk noted that behavior of customer facing employees is increasingly important in the banking industry. Developing capabilities across channels is important to avoid improving in one while losing in another.

Another point that Kirk stressed is the importance of timely delivery of rewards. Many banks have quarterly and annual bonus, but in these cases it is difficult for payees to see the relationship between their incentive pay and their behavior. In many cases a monthly incentive strategy would be more appropriate to be able to re-enforce the desired behaviour.

Kirk concluded by saying that Sales Compensation is essential for banks to effectively align sales force behavior with their goals.

I found an additional paper by Accenture “Sales Performance Management: Enterprise Incentive Management from Accenture” which adds some details to the topics covered by Kirk during the presentation.

Upcoming Free Webinar: Industry Banking Best Practices for Maximizing Your Customer Value and Sales Behavior

April 18, 2008

A free webinar “Industry Banking Best Practices for Maximizing Your Customer Value and Sales Behavior” will be hosted by Callidus Software and Accenture on Wednesday April 23rd at 11:00 EDT.

Learn about banking industry best practices from Accenture to ensure that your front line sales people are selling efficiently and effectively – and selling the right products to the right customers. Together with strategies and best practices, you’ll also learn how other financial services organizations are using the latest solutions and technologies to optimize these processes, and achieve competitive advantage.

For additional information and to register for the event go to:

Harnessing the Power of Incentive Compensation Management

February 20, 2008

Before joining my current company, I was a consultant at Accenture. Accenture is a large “global manaegment consulting, technology services and outsourcing company”. I was in their Business Intelligence practice, where I first got involved with ICM projects.

I recently came across a 3 page article about Accenture’s view and approach to incentive compensation management, and I thought it might be interesting to others.

The paper first gives a quick run-down of what effective incentive compensation can do. The main points are:

• Give companies the fl exibility to respond to rapidly changing
market demands and to quickly implement new sales
strategies and plans.
• Enhance the productivity of the sales force productivity
by increasing their confi dence in the incentive program.
• Support the most effective selling behaviors with leadingedge
technologies and tools.

They claim that their research suggests that a $1 billion business unit could boost their pre-tax profit by $13 million by using better motivational tools and incentives to increase performance of its sales people. That sounds impressive, but that’s really only a 1.3% return – not bad, but very conservative compared to other estimates.

What I like most about the article is its framework to implementing an incentive compensation plan. However, this “framework” is not discussed at all, it is just a picture used as a space filler. The illustrated steps are:

  • Sales Force Design and Objectives Setting
  • Compensation Plan Design
  • Compensation Process Re-engineering
  • Compensation Organization Model Design
  • Compensation Plan and Hierarchies Setup
  • Compensation System Design, Build and Run
  • Enterprise Data and Systems Integration
  • Business Change Management

I’m not sure I understand how Data and Systems Integration can come before the “Run” phase, but it’s a pretty graphic and it gives a good holistic view of building an incentive management system.