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Measuring Sales Force Performance (KPI)

May 12, 2008

Google “Key Performance Indicator” and you will find enough KPI information to feel dizzy. It is important to know the difference between a performance indicator – some metric that we want to track – and the “key Performance Indicators” – or the most crucial performance indicators, those on which people are generally compensated on.

A recent article “Measuring Sales Force Performance” at gives a few examples of performance indicators.

Customer and product related Measures:
– Number of new customers acquired
– Sales by product
– Sales by customer segment
– New product sales

Process Measures:
– Productivity
– Channel mix
– Turn-around time
– Number of calls made
– Number of prospects generated

Financial Measures:
– Sales value by geography
– Profitability
– Cost of acquisition
– Attrition
– Book growth
– Fee Income

Measuring metrics is one thing, but interpreting all the data collected is essential and usually the biggest challenge. There are a lot of industry benchmarks that can be used as indicators of how the company is performing compared to their competitors. Measures can also be compared against some framework, analyst point of view or analytics.

However I think the author of the article is entirely correct when he says that internal benchmarks are better because “they tell you what the best team can do in the same situation”. I think that performance indicator’s most valuable insight comes from comparing the metrics against historical data.