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Compensation Architect: The New Blog on the Block

July 17, 2008

I mentioned Santorini Consulting a few times in previous posts and they just told me they had started their own blog called “Compensation Architect – Your guide to designing, implementing and managing effective compensation solutions“.

So far, David Kelly, a fellow compensation management expert, is the main contributor. Sheryl Friesz, Founder and VP of Partnerships, and Brian Silverman, President and CEO of Santorini Consulting, are also planning to contribute their perspective on related topics. Each have acquired years of experience working at Callidus Software before joining Santorini.

Their 3 first posts which have been published at a frequency I hope they will be able to maintain, provide insightful information about sales compensation, policies versus procedures and the difference between reports, queries, feeds and analytics.

Hopefully, over the next few weeks we’ll see some synergy between our blogs, and rather than creating redundant entries, we will each be able to provide fresh perspectives and information to our readers. Even in a field as specialized as incentive compensation, there should always be a place for blogs from product vendors, consulting companies and especially from independent guys.

Go on, take a few minutes for a visit.